Day Twenty-three.

I am still hesitant to declare victory. As I tell my friends in recovery, all I can safely say is that this has been twenty-three days of abstinence; I should not yet call it sobriety. But it feels like sobriety; although that is something I’ve never known before.

At Easter I had a breakthrough. I am still not ready to proclaim it, lest in my pride I fall; but since Holy Saturday, something has radically changed. I have not had a single day in which I felt inordinate temptation. There have been days of loneliness; there have been days of stress; there have been days of severe, nearly paralyzing anxiety; but even when my vice has presented has an escape, it has never for a moment seemed an option.

The pornography and masturbation have been my drug for the past twenty years, to medicate against the anxiety; to dull my senses and numb the pain. And now that they are gone, the anxiety has again seized me in full force. Every time I’ve tried to get away before, I inevitably gave up and gave in, accepting the bondage to the drug as better, at least, than the crippling anxiety. “I need this to cope,” I always said. The temptation was always there then, the seductress always beckoning, waiting in the wings to take me back into her arms as soon as I laid down the fight. But this time, I can no longer feel her calling. There is only the anxiety, and a stillness; only the occasional, rational thought that if I went back to her, I wouldn’t have to deal with this; but going back to her has never seemed more unappealing.

As if my body were working to heal itself from a disease, my unconscious mind seems to be working to purge itself of these demons. I’ve had frequent, intense, vivid dreams, probably half a dozen in only these three weeks — that’s more dreams than I think I’ve had and remembered in the past few years combined. It is in the dreams that temptation presents herself; or perhaps it is my subconscious, in an effort to inoculate me; or perhaps it is my angels, testing me and strengthening me. The dreams have not been troubling — because each time, I’ve been faced with a different situation, each of the ones that have been most deadly to me in my years of enslavement; the ones that every time have melted my resistance like butter and brought me to my knees. But in these dreams, I have faced them and said no; consciously rejected them. Last night’s was probably the most troubling yet. In the dream, I did stray a little, engage in some bad habits that haven’t been a temptation to me for years; and I didn’t boldly, consciously reject them. But when those habits crossed the line into impurity and lust and pornography, my mind, as if to cry out “no!” — woke me up.

All thought of dating and relationships, and any interest in sex or women at all, has passed from me. Learning from my mistakes, gifted with graces I’ve never known before, I am steering clear of the pitfalls that have brought me down so many times before: No more crime TV shows, or even reading about sordid crimes; that only feeds my darkness. No more browsing or even logging into dating sites, which only makes me a gawker in a meat market, surrounded by objects of lust and fantasy. No more AGNES the computer, the host to my evil toys of search and harvest (Father M concurred with my thoughts of her demonic taint, and suggested I take an axe to her; I haven’t yet gone that far, but she is safely out of my hands). I also don’t look at those clothing advertisement circulars that come with the newspaper, which so often are filled with pretty models sometimes dressed immodestly. I probably need to unsubscribe from the email mailing lists of several clothing stores (nothing inappropriate — but I’ve always had a thing for GAP’s pretty models, too). Like a ship drydocked, I’ve taken myself out of the water, away from all the rocks and all the fish, while I’m undergoing repairs.

I thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for me.



Day eight.

I have other things I need to do, but I wanted to check in briefly and say that I am doing pretty well right now. I feel a lot stronger. I know better than to let down my guard; but prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are working miracles in my life.